Photography at R&B Lavender

For professional photographers:
We are always happy to work with you to make your session a success. With nearly 3,000 lavender plants, woods and wildflower meadows, and over 20 acres of private farmland 15 minutes from London, ON, there is a bounty of beautiful photo settings for your professional images. Timing of blooms on the farm vary from year to year. Typically, we have lavender blooming from late June through the beginning of August with peak bloom falling around July 4th.

Photography Session - R&B Lavender

Because there is a small window of bloom time, spaces are limited, so be sure to book early. Time slots are available by appointment only. Please contact us at to book a time.

Sessions include use of the farm for photography sessions with a professional photographer for client photos and/or commercial landscape or natural art photos. Photographers are not available at the farm; you must hire your own photographer and ensure the reserved time works for all parties.

Photography Session - R&B Lavender   Photography Session - R&B Lavender

Missed bookings for lavender field photo shoots are non refundable but may be rescheduled. If your booking is cancelled by us due to inclement weather, poor site conditions or any other reason your fee will be refunded. Our field use agreement will provide these details.

R&B Lavender has no responsibility for the quality of work of any photographer or the relationship between client and photographer.


Photography Session - R&B Lavender   Photography Session - R&B Lavender

Photo Sessions:

1 hour: $75

*1/2 hour time slots are not available given the size of the farm and set up time required to accommodate guests.

  • Your reservation is booked specifically for the time you select. If you are late or your client is late unfortunately you cannot run over your reservation time. We have other photographers who have booked before and after your reservation. You may be charged for any time beyond your scheduled time slot.
  • You are allowed to bring your own props but they must be picked up and removed within your allotted time and following the rules above in regards to grassy areas or pathways.
    Dogs are permitted for photo sessions but must remain on a leash at all times and you are responsible for clean up.
  • Please remain on the pathways, grassy turfs or mowed lawn areas at all times.
    If you would like cuttings or bundles of lavender you or your client may purchase a bundle for an additional charge.