Daydreaming of summer

It's January. Mid-January. The January time when the excitement of Winter is done for me and I am ready to have that hot summer weather again.

This year we are in the midst of lockdown due to the pandemic and travel to a warm place is out. So I decided to go daydreaming back to summer-to remember the brightness, and warmth, the hum of the pollinators and the excitement of our first Market!! Hope you enjoy too. 

A gorgeous photo of the fields before the trees were trimmed. English lavender from our second year in the foreground.




Komoka Community Market! Such excitement and learning in this first year of selling our product.


Spectacular Phenomenal Spikes!!! 


A visitor playing hide and seek. 


Pretty hidden pathways....

And of course, BabyKitty, taking advantage of the heat of the greenhouse.

See you all soon I hope. Happy Daydreams.

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Just found you….a lavender farm so close by….! Love the photos and wonder if you will do more blogs?
We Will come to the Komoka Farmers Market on June 11, 2022…


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