upside Down weather

Goodness. If you live near to our farm you already know about the unexpected weather we've had over the past few days. I've been keeping my fingers crossed for the fruit trees and tenders.

This is"R" using the flail mower for the first cut of the season - and 2 days later when we were hit with 5cm of snow and -6 C temperatures !


Luckily, lavender can be a fairly hardy perennial - especially once established. The types we grow on the farm are hardy to Zone 5 so they know how to deal with the weather shift as long as it doesn't last too long.

We are busy outdoors now as often as weather permits: pruning, weeding, cleaning up. When the weather isn't so favourable, we always have indoor work to keep us out  of trouble :) This past couple of weeks, my Mom (!!) has sewn some gorgeous new Eye Pillows for our online store and the KCM market which will be opening in just a few weeks.

Check out some of the *NEW* products we will have available for you at the market this year. 






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